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⛄ 'Twas the last week of term, when all through VGS
Not an event was stirring; not even steak digest,
♨️ The wallets were waiting by Steam with care,
In the hopes that Gaben soon would be there.

️ The members were all ready and dressed in their best,
While visions of mash-taters danced in their chest,
As LSU with their tickets and committee jabbering,
Had just settled plans for a final gathering.

Toby Carvery
11th December
⏲️ 6:30pm+

Dress smart-ish (ugly Christmas jumpers galore!) for our final farewell before the winter break (of course we'll have a social soonTM) but this is your last chance to chill, chat, and stuff your face before heading off home and revising :D


after we bingo?

£12 for a three course meal! Grab them now they're limited:
Tell us what courses you want here:...
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It's Christmaaaaaaaaaaas!

For our last LAN of the year we like to get festive; so prepare yourself for wholesome winter events this LAN :)

We're back in James France for tonnes of gaming fun, communal activities and events! December 7th-9th ♥

James France Hall
8pm 16th November to 6pm 18th November.
Lets fill up the main hall like we did last time!

Tickets are up on the 19/11! ( LAN this time will be priced at £10 for members and £16 for non-members, and this pricing will continue for the rest of the LANs this year.

Your ticket includes: entry, use of: two plug sockets, a chair, table and Ethernet cable; as well as of course entry to the traditional LAN quiz, a raffle ticket for a chance to win from a pool of prizes worth £200, as well as the chance to enter our tournaments taking place across the weekend! More details to...
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Have an eye for detail? Enjoy solving puzzles? Aren't opposed to team work? We're off to try an Escape Room!

You'll have 60 minutes for you and your team of up to 6 to escape from an immersive and interactive room!

Please RSVP (by pressing 'going') to this event: we have a maximum booking of 24! If we get 20+, tickets will be discounted to £13 per person; otherwise it's £15 for the atmospheric experience :) As numbers are limited we may restrict entry to non-members of the society!

Don't worry about teams we can sort them out on the day - we'll have access to all 4 rooms so you can pick which you'd like when we're there :D

Warning that one of the rooms is horror themed with a live actor, we'll try to cater for everyone's needs but please get in touch if you're worried about participating- Break Escape welcome all :)

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Dodge-Ball Day!!

You were all wonderful and smashed Dance Fitness Day- lets keep the hype rolling!

Register your interest for society sports: Dodge-ball! If we get enough for a team (6-8 people) I'll sign us all up - if we're missing a few there's a Google Form for individual sign-ups! Please press 'going' to RSVP

The essential info:
Sunday 11th November 2018
Sir David Wallace
⌚ 12:30pm start - 4:30pm

**Deadline for signups 9th November - 12 noon**

Teams will be of 6 players with a maximum of 2 subs (making 6 - 8 players in total) but your society members can enter as individuals if they want to as well!!

Participation goes towards Society of the Year!

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How much wrecking could Ralph wreak if Ralph wrecks the internet?

Join us for another movie night, with food of course times TBC as the time nears ♥

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