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since the forums are no longer used much if at all by the members the best place to find information is on our discord as the forums are not always kept up to date
by Chris Rattray at 5:34 PM
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the time has come for the annual christmas meal and it has been decided that it will take place at toby carvery.

the event will take place on tuesday 8th of december at 7pm. this will be in place of amber rooms for that date. we will meet anyone at 6:30 at jc's to escort people down to arrive there for 7pm.

the attire is formal so ladies gather your finest ball gowns and gentlemen please dust of your tuxedo.

the cost will be £17 and for this you will get a three course meal and lots of free alcohol. there are only 30 places reserved, so make sure to get your tickets quickly. get your tickets here

you get a choice from the starters, main and dessert:

  1. british roast parsnip &blossom honey soup (seasonal soup, served with bread and butter).
  2. fresh fruit salad (a lovely combination of apple, melon, pineapple, orange and grape).
  3. smooth oak smoked chicken...
by Plaeto at 12:10 AM
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freshers' lan is first lan of the year and normally the biggest! it takes place at the end of october in the james france exhibition hall.

tickets are free for lsucs members, so make sure you get your membership here:, meanwhile non-member tickets are £16, so getting membership is a really great deal. tickets will go on sale after the activities bazaar on the 4th october.

tournaments will run over the duration of the weekend, both on and off computers, with great prizes handed out at the end, along with a raffle that all lan ticket holders are entered automatically. and if that's not enough, we head down to the amber rooms for a post-lan dinner to unwind.

a lan van will be available to book, which will collect your pc from halls or houses in the loughborough area on the friday before the event, and then dropped off after the lan ends.


lan is...
by Plaeto at 10:06 AM
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come along to this years freshers laser quest! this event is always popular as we head over to leicester for our anual laser quest fun. laser quest will officially start at 9pm, and we have the entire arena to ourselves, however those wanting to catch the bus can meet committee at two different times to get into leicester:​

if you want steak in the spoons in leicester, then be outside mcdonalds (in the square in town) at 17:50 ready to catch the 18:15 bus to leicester from baxter gate stop.

if you don't want steak and just want laser quest, be at mcdonalds at 19:45 ready to catch the 20:07 bus to leicester from baxter gate stop.

tickets now available on the stash site: remember, this doesn't include bus fare, which is around £6 for a return ticket.
by Chris Rattray at 4:09 PM
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the idea of this pub golf was to show freshers around some of the pubs in loughborough while still attending out usual steak night.

this event will take place on the 13th of october.

the rules:
weaker shot eg corki's = 0.5
shot = 1
single+mixer or vs or bottle of beer = 1
double+mixer or pint = 2
strong pint above 5.5 abv = 3
pitcher = 4
pitcher and an additional shot =5

the aim is to drink equal or above to make par for each hole. you can add up stroke to make a total.

1. jc's - par 2 - 45 minutes - 18;30-19:15
2. amber rooms - par 5 - 90 minutes - 19:30-21:00
3. the griffin - par 3 - 30 minutes - 21:15-21:45
4 generous britain - par 3 - 30 minutes 22:00-22:30
5. stupid tuesdya's par 2 - 22:45-03:00
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