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LSU Video Game Society

by SissyRabbit at 8:20 PM
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Unleash your inner symbiotic with the new film: Venom! Of course, superhuman strength requires a lot of energy, so first we'll be grabbing something to eat before enjoying the latest in the Marvel franchise.

We'll be seeing the 9pm 2D viewing at Cineworld and sitting on row H and J (I've booked H13!), and getting food beforehand.

Freshers! We'll be meeting you at the fountain outside the Rutland building before walking down together, time coming SOON.

by SissyRabbit at 7:43 PM
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These rules are nothing to panic about: mostly please use your common sense, and remember that we are using University facilities and rooms and so the rules that apply to you during lectures also apply.

Just FYI you agree to all this when you purchase a ticket so pls read it:

Before attending LAN this weekend make sure you're brushed up on LAN rules. Most rules are pretty self explanatory, and if anything does concern committee we'll always be at hand to make sure everything is running smoothly and to the book.

The full list is here, but these are the ones often overlooked/unknown:

  • Alcohol is not permitted. Neither is vaping, or illegal substances.
  • Attendees are allocated two plug sockets.
  • Signing in and out of the building using the sign in sheets on front desk is a must, in the event of a fire it may save your life
  • Keep your wrist band on at all times so you are identifiable as an event attendee, we don't...
by SissyRabbit at 7:38 PM
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The LAN website is your hub for all your LAN information, I'd highly recommended having a click through so you know how LAN pans out and what to expect. Please send us any LAN questions you have - we will also have a Welcome Talk to go through safety and LAN rules at the event.

Despite that I'll give a tl;dr of the important bits:

Arriving at LAN

  • If you need help getting to LAN, we have a LAN van service.
  • There's parking available in front of the Brockington Building. We notify security of extra traffic on campus.
  • On arrival, a member of committee will sign you into the building activating your ticket. To do this you need a forum account and a...
by SissyRabbit at 1:20 PM
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Welcome Freshers to Random Night Gaming! This is a weekly event where we come together on an evening to play planned games :)

This Monday 1st October join us in the RNG channel on discord at 8pm! For those unaware Discord is our societies voice-coms. You can join here: discord.gg/lsuvgs.

Without further a due, I want to present Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop. It's a free-to-play co-op top down shooter with plenty of team-play and tactics. Link to install -->

Hope to meet all of you on Monday and make sure not to miss this opportunity to meet up with like-minded gamers and make friends :D