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by Syea at 11:17 AM
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Other than Tuckshop we plan on having other food events at LAN such as:

Friday - 1 Free Hotdog to every attendee (after Welcome Talk, 22:00)
- Subway Platter of sandwiches​

Saturday - Domino's and Angies Fish & Chips Food Order (ordering is open until Saturday 17:00, for it to arrive Saturday 20:00)

Sunday - McDonald's Breakfast (ordering is open until Sunday 9:00, for it to arrive Sunday 11:00)

So for Domino's, Angies and McD's there will be a food order.
How Food Order works: On the LAN website you will place your order ( ). Then you will go to an on-duty committee member to pay for your order. And that's it. You can sit back and carry on gaming. We will announce when your food arrives

That being said there is nothing stopping you from ordering your own take-away. This is a service that we provide to make it easier for attendees. :)
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by Syea at 11:07 AM
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At LAN we will have an on-site Tuckshop where you can buy a range of snacks and drinks.
Currently the Tuck Shop Shopping List is looking something like this:

If there is anything that you wish to be in Tuckshop then please leave a comment in this thread.
I will then consider putting it in, mainly depending on the popularity of the request. :)
by Dave123 at 10:12 AM
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Not trying to buy a visitor ticket, just a normal non-member ticket :)

Happens on my phone too, so i'm assuming it's not my work laptop causing the issue.
by SissyRabbit at 10:44 PM
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Freshers' LAN is our first and biggest LAN of the year!

We'll have gaming tournaments, a quiz, MTG draft, on-site tuck shop, party games, pizza and chips order - and much, much more!

Tickets are free for LSUVGS members, so make sure you get your membership here:, whilst a member you can enjoy a £6 saving on your LAN tickets for the rest of the year! Bargain! To claim your free ticket, make sure you register on our forums, following these instructions:

Van pickups and drop-offs will be available to book, which will collect your gear from your home or halls, ready for the event to start on Friday and drop them...
by SissyRabbit at 8:23 PM
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Join us in our first FREE Console Night of the year! We'll be setting up a wide array of games for you to enjoy over the evening; from FIFA to Just Dance, Rock Band to Super Smash - there's something for everyone!

In case grabbing a controller doesn't take your fancy, we'll have a selection of board and card games available, as well as party games like Jack Box on the big screen for all to take part.

We have private hire of the bar, meaning you're free to quench your thirst and bellies with all the food and drink Village Bar have to offer!

So come take a Monday evening off the LSUVGS way: by playing games!

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