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LSU Video Game Society

by Alex19998282 at 4:50 PM
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Hello all, it's that time again where we purge the forums in preparation for the new academic year. The purge will occur on the 8th of September, 6 days from now.

Everyone with the LSUCS Member role will become Friends of LSUCS, losing access to the members section of the forums. Then we will begin archiving the old forums and activating the new ones ready for the new academic year. After this you can purchase membership and post in the Welcome section of the forums to regain access.

Likewise in the Discord server, LSUCS Members will be downgraded to Friends of LSUCS and can regain the Member role by posting in the Welcome channel after regaining membership on the forums. Finally we will use Discords pruning tool to remove inactive users in the Discord server.

Thanks all for a great year and hope to see you in October.
by SissyRabbit at 9:26 PM
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It's time for a new year, and with a new year comes new members! As of now all membership on the forums have been reset.

To gain access to all of our members forums, as well as the ability to buy members tickets (saving you a whole £6 per LAN ticket) please pickup your new membership from the LSU website: https://www.lsu.co.uk/society/computer/ It's really easy, just log in to purchase.

Once that's done go ahead and post in our new registration forum, which will get you upgraded and give you access to your full LSUCS member benefits! Once you've done that, feel free to introduce yourself on our introductions thread! And check out our social LSUCS Facebook group! And don't forget to claim your free LAN ticket....
by SirBoldilox at 8:54 PM
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You know the drill.

Here's some inspiration.

by Chris Rattray at 5:34 PM
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The time has come for the Annual Christmas Meal and it has been decided that it will take place at Toby Carvery.

The event will take place on Tuesday 8th of December at 7pm. This will be in place of amber rooms for that date. We will meet anyone at 6:30 at JC's to escort people down to arrive there for 7pm.

The attire is formal so ladies gather your finest ball gowns and gentlemen please dust of your tuxedo.

The cost will be £17 and for this you will get a three course meal and lots of free alcohol. There are only 30 places reserved, so make sure to get your tickets quickly. Get your tickets here

You get a choice from the starters, main and dessert:

  1. British Roast Parsnip &Blossom Honey Soup (Seasonal soup, served with bread and butter).
  2. Fresh Fruit Salad (A lovely combination of apple, melon, pineapple, orange and grape).
  3. Smooth Oak Smoked Chicken...
by SissyRabbit at 2:37 PM
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Our annual Christmas LAN, and the last of the first semester. We'll once again be taking over James France, for a weekend full of games and festive goodness. As well as our normal tournaments, quiz and raffle, we'll be having a Christmas tree, Christmas freebee, costume competition and secret Santa - delivered by Santa himself! Tickets are now available at http://lan.lsucs.org.uk/tickets/