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    Disclaimer: we cannot give guarantee that requested associate membership will be approved. We aren't sure what information the LSU requires, nor are we sure the time-scale in which it will take the LSU to approve associate members, the LSU does not define 'useful', and we are waiting more information when the new constitution is made public.

    The LSU has had new constitutional changes meaning that associates must have prior approval by the Societies EO before they can buy membership. We aren't 100% on how the LSU is defining an associate but so far we know that: alumni, externals, life-long memberships, associates; all fall into this new category.

    Associates must only take up 10% of our membership base, to avoid problems with societies not being *for* current student-members.

    We've been told you'll be able to buy your membership online after you have approval, but we're awaiting to see how that will happen.

    Membership will only be approved for associates who can prove that they provide something useful to the society, and therefore it's student-members.

    If you fill out the form and don't get a response, please @ or dm me.

    Fill out this form pls:
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