Bloodline Champions

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Just Godlike, Feb 12, 2011.

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    i found this awesome free game yesterday and i think it can be a great addition to the lan. you can see what it's like here:

    short review:
    when i first saw this it reminded me of an arena in wow. you can play as a tank, a caster, a melee dps and a healer. the interesting part is that every hero has 8 abilities and there is no such thing as a "target lock" like in almost every game. this means that the spell goes where your mouse is pointing and you can easily miss your target. every skill you use gives you energy and when the energy bar is filled you can use your ultimate. but be careful, when you die your energy resets back to 0. teamwork is essential!
    also there are several maps and modes. the game was released 2 weeks ago so there are only like 6 heroes of each class available right now, but they are adding more over time. i would really like to see your thoughts on this one.

    oh, and 1 more thing. the time i needed to download, install, create an account and so on was exactly 5 minutes! they provide a high speed download mirror, which results in this 282mb sized game installer to be downloaded in less than a minute. you can create an account while you are waiting for the game to install and patch itself.
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    it looks like a mod of heroes of newearth, which is a mod in itself of something else right?

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