How to register! A full member receives LAN ticket discounts

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    This forum is for you to get registered as a full LSUCS member on our forums! This grants you access to all our member forums, our discord ( ) if you post your forum name in the #welcome channel. As a full member you will receive a free ticket to Freshers' LAN 70, and a discount on tickets hereinafter!

    First, you need to buy your membership for the year over at the LSU website ( ). Once you've done that post in this forum with the following details, and we'll get you upgraded. Don't worry about personal details, all threads on this particular forum are private and only view-able by administrators (your committee).

    Make sure you make a registration post in this forum, not below this thread! Follow the link and press the big grey button that states 'Post New Thread'
    Please post:
    Your full name
    Your student ID
    Your Discord user so we can orange you!
    This information will only be seen by a member of committee, and will not be made public.

    If you haven't been upgraded and received your welcome message within 24 hours, contact committee by emailing:

    Don't forget to post an introduction in the Introductions forum once you have done this to introduce yourself to everyone :)
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