Jun 4, 2017
  • PositionNameAlias
    ChairmanCharles Jackson†Action Jackson†
    SecretaryJoshua RoupieUlth
    TreasurerNathan PeelPapa Lazarou
    (Oct*-Feb)Matt Parker¹SirBoldilox
    Media and Publicity Officer††Nicole BatchelorNicole Batchelor
    Gaming OfficerAlex TaylorAl_Da_Best
    Vice GO
    (Feb-Oct*)Ben BrenninkmeijerAztec
    (Oct*-Feb)Nick McKennaCrimson
    Technical OfficerDaniel Cohenfaemir
    Vice TO
    (Feb-Oct*)Michael FifordMetalMichael
    (Oct*-Feb)Kane MurtonExohain
    Events and Social Officer†††Andy ReynierDragonYoda

    † Election delayed until 5th March at the request of the SocFed president.
    †† Replaces Events and Publicity Officer, change voted for on 19th Feb at AGM
    ††† Replaces Social Secretary, change voted for on 19th Feb at AGM

    • Society won "Best External Communication" award from Societies Ball.
    • Won £5000 funding from the RBS ESSA competition.
    • Finalist in the Ratemyplacement £5000 investment competiton.
    • Raised £3000 with charity LAN (LAN 44)
    • Returner's/summer LAN event (LAN 40.5) was put on for the first time.
    • First ever fire alarm at a LAN party (LAN 40.5).
    • LAN capacity increased to 158 (not including D block expansion rooms)
    • Sponsorship area implemented at LAN parties with multiple sponsor stands attending regularly
    • First ever Retro Gaming night put on with The Retro Gaming Museum
    • First ever election with online voting and Twitch streamed AGM
    • Membership as of November 1st was 170 members. Later increasing to 180 by February election.
    • LAN 39 - Easter Eggs
    • LAN 40 (formal LAN) - Beach balls and free BBQ
    • LAN 41 (freshers LAN) - free LAN
    • LAN 42 - free USB sticks
    • LAN 43 - free santa hats and free mugs
    • LAN 44 - Charity LAN
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