May 22, 2017
  • PositionNameAlias
    ChairmanMichael FifordMetalMichael
    (Feb-Oct*)Nick McKenna†Crimson†
    (Oct*-Feb)Harry JenkinsPlaeto
    TreasurerChris BondCBond
    Media and Publicity OfficerKristian WilliamsButtstallion
    Gaming OfficerBen BrenninkmeijerAztec
    Vice GO
    (Feb-Oct*)Kennon CheungKen
    (Oct*-Feb)Daniel MossMossflake
    Technical OfficerKane MurtonExohain
    Vice TO
    (Feb-Oct*)Dimitri GolovanovOdins Glorious Beard
    (Oct*-Feb)Kierran GuareKierran 'Kiwiee'
    Events and Social OfficerStephen HaywardStoggerz

    † Resigned from position in October 2014
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