Mar 24, 2020

  • PositionNameAlias
    ChairmanHarry JenkinsPlaeto
    TreasurerLinniel Driver-WilliamsArquebus
    Media and Publicity OfficerTimothy CoatesCotjmc
    Gaming OfficerDaniel MossMossflake
    Vice GO
    (Feb-Oct)Tom LangfordOctopus
    (Oct-Feb)Wei Liang TeoProdirus
    Technical OfficerKierran GuareKierran 'Kiwiee'
    (Oct-Feb)Matt ParkerSirBoldilox
    Vice TO
    (Feb-Oct)Will LyuRodeschild
    (Oct-Feb)Nick ChanNoobyNico
    Events and Social OfficerChris RattrayChris Rattray

    • Moved to the Union's Internal Banking System
    • First LAN to be formally attended by the Roleplaying and Wargaming Society (RAWs) - LAN 52
    • Increased overall LAN attendance in Semester 1 over last year by 9 tickets. (Not including RAWs)
    • Introduction of board games and society-ran card games.
    • Begun a network infrastructure overhaul with the purchase and testing of Edgerouters
    • Sponsored by Riot for e-lympics - LAN 52
    • Created a committee instant message communication method.
    • 270 sign ups at Activities Bazaar.
    • LAN 51 - Easter eggs done in Clyde Williams
    • LAN 52 - Formal LAN free BBQ, cake and sand animals
    • LAN 52.5 - Returner's free for members
    • LAN 53 - Free freshers LAN
    • LAN 54 - Goodie bag containing Pokemon figures, skull mug, small sand animal/flashing dinosaur and a solar panel panda/crab
    • LAN 55 - Selection box
    • LAN 56 - Charity LAN
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