Mar 24, 2020
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    SecretaryNick ChanNoobyNico
    TreasurerJasmeen TataniMoneypenny
    Media and Publicity Officer
    (Feb-Nov)Nick McKennaCrimso
    (Dec-Feb)Ed TicknerETicky
    Gaming OfficerWei Liang TeoProdirus
    Vice GO
    (Feb-Nov)Alex HewitsonExistential Alex
    (Nov-Feb)Nick ManningGT-Lag
    Technical OfficerDeniz KalkanDeniz
    Vice TO
    (Feb-Nov)Nick HoweFluff
    (Nov-Feb)Jakub HolewikAkamatsu
    Events and Social OfficerChris RattrayChris Rattray

    • Cleaned the formal LAN BBQ
    • Got a £600 grant for purchase of new server assets
    • Signed up 326 people at the Freshers' Bazaar
    • Turned those sign-ups into 180 members by Freshers' LAN, beating last year's overal membership. Membership before March elections at 175.
    • 'Sold' 156/158 tickets to freshers' LAN practically selling out.
    • 21% attendance increase in LAN ticket sales compared to previous year, LAN averaging over 100 attendees apart from Summer / Returner's LAN.
    • First creative game tournaments, most successfully ran was Rollercoaster Tycoon & Planet Coaster.
    • Nominated for 3 society awards and short-listed for the Partnership Award with Roleplaying and Wargaming Society.
    • Raised £1500 for the charity CALM: Campaign Against Living Miserably.
    • Took over the official Loughborough University Snapchat for the entire weekend of LAN 62.
    • Freshers' LAN featured by LSUTV.
    • Nominated for 2 awards and shortlisted for the 'Best Hobby and Interest Society' at The National Societies Awards 2017
    • Easter LAN 57 - Easter Eggs
    • Formal LAN 58 - Free cake and BBQ
    • Summer LAN 58.5 - Free LAN for members
    • Freshers' LAN 59 - Free LAN
    • LAN 60 - Free pizza, goodie bags with Pokemon and hot chocolate
    • Christmas LAN 61 - Free selection boxes
    • LAN 62 - Charity LAN
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