Mar 24, 2020
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    Vice-ChairmanLuke WhiteheadGreedylax
    SecretaryLloyd ParesCorelli
    TreasurerChris AllenChristopher Allen
    Media and Publicity OfficerWill JervisWillJ
    Gaming OfficerAlexander ShtefanPluffinator
    Vice GO
    (Nov-Mar)Emi ClarkeEmi Clarke
    Technical OfficerAlexander BakerAlex19998282
    Vice TO
    (Mar-Nov)William Obiri-DansoWilliamO7
    (Nov-Mar)William Obiri-DansoWilliamO7
    Events and Social OfficerMatt LilleyMatt Lilley
    Public Relations OfficerMaks KowalewiczMax

    • Rebranded to LSU Video Game Society (previously LSU Computer Society)
    • Won 'Most Successfully Managed Award' at the LSU Society Awards
    • Won 'Society Sport Award' at the LSU Society Awards
    • Shortlisted for: 'Media', 'Best Event', 'Fundraising', & 'Most Improved' at the LSU Society Awards
    • Raised £500+ for CALM, Campaign Against Living Miserably
    • Received a union grant £1500 to reinvigorate the society's network equipment, replacing all Cisco machines
    • Ran a full-day event to future proof, tidy, asset-check & create documents for handover (Ghost LAN)
    • Bought new storage boxes (woop)
    • ASUS ROG sponsorship, providing laptops & peripheral support for LANs
    • LAN with new server architecture, replacing all Cisco machines
    • Ran 4 League of Legends Realms events, sponsored by Riot Games & The NUEL
    • Gained sponsorship to run official Overwatch League viewing parties
    • Designed and printed academic planners for semester 1 for all society freshers
    • Gained Twitch Affiliate, streaming for 12 weeks in the run-up to Charity LAN
    • Ran a January LAN in the first weekend back after Christmas
    • Escaped many escape rooms
    • First ever Punch Party with 8 other nerdy societies
    • Created a Committee Discord for organisational purposes
    • Collaborated with: Loughborough Women's Network, Esports Society, Disney Society, Harry Potter Society, Living History Society for the first time (also collaborated with: Computer Science department, LSUTGS, LSU Airsoft, LSU Rocksoc, Anime Soc)
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