May 25, 2020
  • PositionNameAlias
    ChairKareem Ahmed****Kareem Ahmed
    Vice-ChairJames VelouniasBrexit
    SecretaryJack LiddiardJack (Phyrix)
    TreasurerJames Barber***JamesBar56
    Gaming Officers
    Community Gaming OfficerEmi Clarke*Emi Clarke
    Console Gaming OfficerMatt Jenkins†Mish
    Vice Gaming Officer
    (Mar-Nov)Tom Crook††Tom Crook
    (Nov-Mar)Arvind Kangkangster
    Technical Officers
    Technical OfficerWilliam Obiri-DansoWilliamO7
    Vice Technical Officer
    (Mar-Nov)Josh MirekMirekle
    (Nov-Mar)Alex CollieSodium chloride
    Media OfficerChris Allen**Syea
    Twitch OfficerLouis JamesDarkchaos
    Events and Social OfficerAlex WaltonAlex Walton
    eSports ChairVacant
    eSports MediaJasmine Hong††Rogue

    Most sold tickets at a LAN in the history of the society (Freshers LAN).
    Produced a new society trailer.
    Best ever Twitch statistics (3900 minutes watched, 45 new followers, 88080 total minutes watched).
    Revived the YouTube channel (highest statistics since 2016-2017; 946 viewers, 20.5 hours watched).
    Held multiple successful standalone Smash Bros. tournaments.

    † Elected 1st April 2019
    †† Elected 10th May 2019

    * Resigned from position on 4th March 2020
    ** Resigned from position on 5th March 2020
    *** Resigned from position on 24th March 2020
    **** Resigned from position on 3rd April 2020
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