Committee History

Apr 4, 2017
Committee History
  • This section serves as a record of previous committee's and their members since the start of LSUCS.

    Committee elections are held in October/November for the two Vice roles, normally just after the first LAN on the academic year. Terms for Vice roles are 6 months, with full committee terms running for a full year.

    The committee term runs from February/March, except from mid-term elections due to a committee member standing down. The term finishes the following February/March. The exact dates vary, and in recent years have been voted for in a Society Chair's Council. The elections process and voting is mandatorily ran online on the LSU site, with an AGM occurring during that time.

    Society Awards take place towards the end of each committee's term so are related to the previous committee in most instances, although often nomination forms are completed by the current committee.
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