Console Nights

May 22, 2017
Console Nights
  • All the information you should need to prepare for a Console Night!

    General Event Information(top)

    Normally, Console Nights are ran in the Village Bar on campus, however we have ran them in Fusion. We book the bar for private hire for an evening, starting setup at 6pm and opening the doors to members at 8pm, the event runs until 10pm/11pm or whenever we've been advised to leave. The booking costs the society £75 for the evening, and we've also ran free drinks and food for members.

    Setup takes a large amount of organisation, as pickups from storage and houses of members is needed.

    Usually, we aim for around 10 consoles at the event. Problems arise with sourcing screens or TVs for all the consoles, so it's advised you start planning and asking members for lending a week or two in advance.

    Before setup begins, you should aim to have a plan for each table in the map below, have a pickup schedule for someone driving around, and plan for committee members to be at the bar to help move furniture, and at storage to help get boxes ready.


    Starting setup involves moving all the cafe table and chairs into the side room and stacking them neatly, sofas and other tables can then be positioned in the main room once it's decluttered. Ensure you don't block any doorways or sockets when moving furniture, as you may need easy access to them later on.

    Console Night Map:
    • Each number is a position for a console
    • 1-8 are low coffee tables positioned with sofas on each side
    • 9 is a taller table, normally setup with something like a racing game with wheel or dance mats.
    • 10 is normally where Rockband is positioned, on a TV. Sofas are positioned for people to spectate, with the taller bar tables behind.
    • 11 is the bar's projector, which has a dodgy input panel in the bottom right corner of the bar. It's advised to go see what you can get working on it before the event itself.
    • 12 is the side room, which is normally setup with the society projector and a game like Wii sports.

    Power isn't a problem at the event, and you will find plenty of sockets close to each of the areas console are setup. It's advised you bring several reels (4/5) and a couple of gangs. Don't forget trunking, but you can push wires under sofas too.

    Tables 1-8:
    Table 10:

    The bar have also provided free coloured shots in the shape of Mario:
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