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Jul 17, 2012
DC++ Guide
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    You can get the latest installer here:

    OK, so at the last few LANs, a few of us have used apexDC++ (other clients are available) to share files (legal ones... lots of linux ISOs...) and to use its chatroom feature.
    Someone'll be running a DC hub again this LAN, so if you want to join in make sure you download and install the client linked to above, and make sure you set up your shares in the options, since it can take a while to index all your files, so its best to do it before the LAN/ early on.

    If anyone wants any help configuring it just come and ask me or miles at the LAN.

    When you're setting up ApexDC++, there a a few things you need to make sure you get right.
    First, make sure your download folder and incomplete download folder are shared, this means that people can then download from you as well as the person you downloaded from (=moar speedz)
    See below:

    And in the connection settings page, you want to select the following options:

    Incoming and outgoing connections should be set to "direct connection", and the ip address you can enter at the LAN. It will be like the one shown below: (192.168.5.XXX)


    Once you are connected to the LAN, the drop down box in the connection settings page should be able to guess your ip address.


    There are DC clients for other OS's too, but you'll have to google or ask some of the more *nix-savvy users on the forums about that, because I don't know which ones are any good (*nix DC clients, not LSUCS members :p)


    N.B The images show a 192.168.5.xxx network address. As of committee of 2010/11 we use the 192.168.1.xxx address range.


    Guide written by Dan.F
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