Trialled Ideas / Past Events

Oct 12, 2018
Trialled Ideas / Past Events
  • These lists are for past ideas/events that the committee have done.

    General events:
    • Cinema trips! - Pretty straight forward and always well received if the film fits the 'nerdy' tag, normally accompanied by a meal afterwards.
    • Console night - Used to be in Fusion however Village Bar now offer their facilities to us which proved far better when we used it. Normally very popular in the fresher period but less so later on in the year, free pizza and drinks or a tournament format can help boost attendance.
    • Laser Quest (Leicester) - Great night out and people enjoyed it. The guys are very enthusiastic who work there and the prices are extremely competitive, however in recent years have started becoming less so, with less incentives to go (no free drinks thrown in etc.) The free-for-all rounds are terrible and should be requested to be switched off, however the standard team modes were great.
    • Warfighters - as an alternative to Laser Quest. A bit more expensive but is an entire day out rather than just an evening.
    • Go-Karting - great fun for those who went but a bit on the expensive side for some members.
    • National Videogame Arcade - Run their own 'console night' sessions which we did in Red vs Blue fashion, with bandanas and winners medals it was a good night out. A little pricey if you don't sell all tickets, but they offer a lot of different packages.
    • ALT Lounge - Only visited as an afterthought for the NVA, but they run different gaming sessions, movie viewings, cosplays etc. etc. with gaming theme drinks, lot of free consoles and board games, and bookable LAN PCs.
    • Bowling - Is good fun but can lack attendees depending on when it's ran, especially when motivating people to go to Nottingham or Leicester.
    • Bletchley Park - Used to be done yearly, and great fun was had. Was done on the Bletchley Park Blitz night (firework night). Usually tickets are around £15 per person not including transport. Event fell through in recent years as we lacked transport and anyone keen to go.
    • Stupid Tuesday/Deja vu - almost happens without saying every week after our Tuesday social steak night.
    • Whiteboard social - happens once a semester, usually one within a few weeks of Freshers week. Usually goes down very well as people love drawing on each other. Often ends up in Echos.
    • Mosh social - good for a "different" night out outside of Loughborough. Skylink bus again is the preferred mode of transport.
    • Pub golf - normally around Christmas and at the end of the year. Long drinking event, going to all the popular pubs in town, including a meal and normally ending up in the union or Echos.
    • Christmas Meal - Done in the last week of term to have a festive send-off for everyone over the holidays, in the past was ran in The Phantom but after their new menu and renovations, Toby Carvery has proved popular.
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