Food and Drink

Dec 18, 2015
Food and Drink

  • Tuck Shop(top)

    Where: Through the double doors towards the toilets.
    What: Drinks, crisps, chocolate, biscuits - all the things you need to keep you going!
    Price: Individual prices are on the sheet in the tuck shop.

    Everyone needs energy and food to get them through the LAN, so we have made your life easier by providing you with a tuck shop full of all the things you might need! Be it a Kit Kat, bottle of Mountain Dew or a pack of Oreos, we'll have something you want. Prices are on a printed list on the table. Nobody mans the tuck shop, so just put your money in the box provided once you've chosen what you want.

    Hot Dogs(top)

    Where: Tuck Shop
    When: Friday Evening, Saturday Lunchtime, Sunday Lunchtime
    How much: First one is FREE! After that, 50p each.

    Everyone gets a free hotdog each! You can get more if you are still hungry, however you will need to wait until everyone has got their free one first. Subsequent hot dogs cost 50p.

    Hot water for beverages, pot noodles etc(top)

    Where: The hot water urn is at the tuck shop
    How much: Hot water, tea and coffee and hot chocolate are all free! If you feel like making a donation for it you are more than welcome

    Ernie the Hot Water Urn is there for your convenience - use him for whatever you want, be it a pot noodle or a cup of tea. All we ask is that if you use up the water, either refill it yourself using the jug or find a committee member to do it.


    Where: The microwave is at the tuck shop

    The microwave is there for any attendees to use. The only time you are not allowed to use it is at 10pm on Friday when we will be doing the hotdogs. The microwave is free to use, all we ask is that you are careful with it since it is not society property! If you are unsure how to use it, ask a committee member. REMEMBER - do NOT put metal in it!

    Pizza - Order by Saturday 5pm(top)

    From: Dominos.
    Order by: Saturday 5pm.
    Arrives at: Saturday 8pm.
    How much: Prices are on the LAN Food Order Form.

    To make things simple for everyone we run an official pizza order from Dominos for Saturday night. To place your order click the button below, select your items and submit, then go and pay an on-duty committee member for your purchase. You need to pay before the cut-off point or your food will not be ordered, so make sure you have money on you! We can only take orders for what is on the form - even though Dominos offers more than that, we cannot allow you to order everything as it would be too complicated!

    Fish and Chips - Order by Saturday 5pm(top)

    From: Angies Fish and Chips.
    Order by: Saturday 5pm.
    Arrives at: Saturday 8pm.
    How Much: Prices are on the LAN Food Order Form.

    Don't want the usual bloated feeling after having pizza? Why not try fish and chips instead! Angies offers anything from haddock to burgers, so check out the online order form to see what is available! As with the pizza order, you need to complete the online form then pay an on-duty committee member.

    LAN Food Order Form(top)

    Click Here.
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