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Oct 12, 2018
Forum Guide

  • Signing up and Logging in(top)

    If you're not signed up yet it's easy. Click Sign up button.png on the right-hand side of the page. You should see the following:

    Sign in image.png
    Fill in your desired username (this will identify you on the forums, it's ok to use either a real name or an alias) and click Sign up.

    log in.png
    This takes you to a new page where you will fill in any required personal information. Don't worry, this info can only be viewed by committee members. Once you've signed up and agreed to the terms and rules you can start using the forum!

    Basic Navigation(top)

    Skip this section if you are confident with navigating websites or forums.

    The home page shows highlights from other parts of the site. Here are some brief explanations:


    There's a lot more going on there but you don't have to read it all.

    The forums are the busiest part of the site. It's split into two main sections.

    Members Section

    The Members section can only be seen by approved members. To gain access you must post in this section of the Public DMZ:

    Membership reg.png

    Note: This section is only visible to unapproved but registered forum users and the society committee. If you're not sure what to do then see the thread titled
    'What do you post here?'

    Public DMZ

    The Public DMZ content can be seen by anyone (without logging in).




    Is done a bork.


    The society calendar of events. Here you can find events and birthdays, past and future. Click on an event for more information


    That's where we are now! This contains society documentation - most of which is self-explanatory.


    A list of all registered members.

    Right Hand Side of Sidebar(top)

    A drop down menu for many things related to your personal account.

    Like an email inbox - this contains any personal messages from other forum users

    You'll receive an alert for every event that you may be related to you. This includes replies to a thread you watch or have posted in, when you receive 'likes', when someone quotes you in a post, etc.

    Posting in the forum
    to be never-ceased...

    User Groups(top)

    Your lovely committee who hopefully moderate you fairly and justly. Able to access all public, member and committee forums. Can see your posts even if you delete them. Able to edit the Wiki.

    LSUVGS Members
    Paying members of the society who have had their accounts activated. Able to purchase member tickets at the discounted price and access all public and member forums.

    Friends of LSUVGS
    Friends of LSUVGS. Allocated to those who committee deem friends of the society, and is automatically allocated upon activation of a purchased ticket at LAN. Able to view public and member forums.

    The Honourable
    Beware: Oldfag. A ye olde title designed to reward those who contributed above-expected measure either as a member of the committee or the society. Currently, the title is given to ex-committee members who complain about it after completing their position on committee and purchasing membership for three years.

    Game Server Donator
    Another ye olde title. Appears to be purchasable for 20 whole pounds, currently held by old members.

    Plebs. Title you're given if you sign up and register your email properly, if it's not fresher season they're probably spambots. Able to view public forums, however, all posts made must first be moderated by committee.
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