Game Servers

Jul 4, 2017
Game Servers
  • Information for all LSUCS Game Servers

    General server rules:
    1. No irresponsible behaviour, sexism, racism or hostile language toward other players or teams.
    2. No abusing, harassing or insulting of other players or teams.
    3. Trade/chat/mic spamming is not allowed.
    4. No mods/hacks. If you are caught hacking, you will be permanently banned.
    5. No griefing. Example: no lava or TNT on people's stuff.
    6. You are not allowed to have a pornographic, abusive or racist spray.
    7. Impersonating other players or admins is not allowed.
    8. Any breach of the rules on an alternative account will result in actions being taken on all of your accounts.
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