Apr 6, 2019
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    This wiki is a resource for LSUVGS members to have an overview of current and historical society operations. All current processes and procedures should be within this wiki, if it is not then please request that it be added by either a Committee member or honourable member.

    You can contact the entire committee at or you can contact them via their individual email addresses:

    Chairperson: Abby @SissyRabbit Bettison

    Vice-Chairperson: Luke @Greedylax Whitehead


    Secretary: Lloyd @Corelli Pares

    Treasurer: Christopher @Syea Allen

    Media Officer: William @WillJ Jervis

    Events and Social Secretary: Matt @Matt Lilley Lilley

    Gaming Officer: Alexander @Pluffinator Shtefan

    Vice Gaming Officer: Emi @Emi Clarke Clarke

    Technical Officer: Alexander @Alex19998282 Baker

    Vice Technical Officer: William @WilliamO7 Obiri-Danso

    Public Relations Officer: Maks @Max Kowalewicz


    Social Media:

    Facebook Page - come here for all our events and official reminders.

    Facebook Group - a place for more discussion and less official communication, we do regular polls and more forceful reminders here.

    Discord - a place for all things games and shitposting. Members only (other than MNG), so make sure to get talking rights by posting in the Welcome channel first.

    Twitter - a good place to get reminded of upcoming events, we normally retweet NUEL information and useful uni stuff.

    Steam Group - come mass friend spam people playing the games you like, and get popups that definitely aren't annoying for MNG.

    Twitch - we'll stream occasionally and put LAN tourneys up here.

    Youtube - mostly dead nowadays, find past GMs and committee play games craply.

    We also have Steam groups for DotA and CS:GO.

    If you'd like to see photos of what we do check out the Facebook, but this link is also really handy.
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