Kit List

Feb 1, 2014
Kit List

  • The Society Provides...(top)

    • Network switches
    • Surge protectors
    • Power sockets
    • Anti-trip Devices (Rubber Cable Covers)
    • Prizes
    • Servers
    • Network Cable (5m)
    • Hot water urn for hot drinks
    • Sweet shop (not free!)

    What You Need To Bring…(top)

      • 1 x Desktop Base Unit, 1 x Monitor (Desktop PC's MUST be properly secured in a case)
      • 1 x Laptop
      • 1 x Laptop, 1 or 2 x Monitor
    • Console/ Monitor – PC must be off when console is on if bringing both.
    • Base Unit/Laptop power cable
    • Monitor power cable
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse + Mat (if desired)
    • Headset / Headphones
    • Game and System CD’s (with serial keys)
    • Jumper / sweater
    • Plenty of fluids / food
    • Cash for pizza / other food / sweet shop
    Note: Remember you only have a single exam desk and two plug sockets.

    What You Might Want To Bring...(top)

    • Phone Charger
    • Pillow / cushions
    • Sleeping bag + Mat/Air Bed
    • Towel and wash kit
    • Deodorant (please)
    • A change of clothes

    What Not To Bring…(top)

    • Speakers
    • Any high power equipment (kettles, refrigerators, lasers)
    • Alcohol
    • ANY illegal substances (if found at a LAN this will result in a permanent ban)
    • Substances which violate the Geneva Convention
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