May 22, 2017
  • The LAN BBQ typically takes place at the last LAN of the academic year, Formal LAN, and is the LAN's freebie.

    This page should ensure the BBQ runs as smoothly as possible!

    Preplanning for the BBQ(top)

    Before LAN, you need to ensure you have everything ready for the BBQ. This includes:
    • Two food safety trained members of committee
    • A functioning BBQ (check storage and ensure the BBQ is all there)
    • Easy light BBQ coals, for quick and easy lighting buy coals that come in easy-light bags (normally soaked in lighter fluid). Actual coals will take hours to get warm, or a lot of fire lighters.
    • Fire lighters (just in case) such as lighter fluid or lighter cubes.
    • Long safety lighters.
    • BBQ accessories, such as spatulas and tongues. Ensure you have enough for raw meat, cooked meat and the vegetarian option.
    • Tin foil.
    • De-greaser solution.
    Closer to the LAN, you should ensure you have:
    • Enough meat for the expected turnout
    • Bread for all the food (remember to include the free hot-dogs in this count)
    • Cheese, like burger cheese slices
    • Sauces
    • Corn and salad
    • Vegetarian option. If the veggie option is frozen, make sure it's defrosted before cooking as otherwise it will never get warm.
    • Either a fridge big enough to store meet after the BBQ, or an ice box or literal box of ice to store it. Otherwise, make sure the meat is taken home to be fridged after the BBQ.
    • Contact the fire marshal for the building you're doing the BBQ at, fire marshals can be found here and James France is controlled by security.

    The BBQ Itself(top)

    Before lighting the BBQ, ensure it is setup at least 5 meters away from the building, or however far away the fire marshal advised. Make sure all windows around the area are closed, and limit the number of doors propped open to prevent smoke movement, you don't want an alarm to sound! There should also be a fire extinguisher close at hand.

    The BBQ should be lighted at least two hours before the food is expected to be ready. The BBQ is normally setup at the bottom of the access ramp to James France, where we park the van. In the event of bad weather, the BBQ can be moved or setup outside the fire doors to d-block, as there is a balcony enclosure protecting the area from the elements. Ensure the BBQ isn't directly underneath this, and a few meters away, although not perfect, it will shelter the BBQ from most rain and wind.

    Once the coals are white and hot, and not before, it is ready to start cooking meat. You can do a test burger and sausage to ensure you know when the meat is cooked all the way through, and sacrifice the meat to the fire-gods in thanks afterwards.

    When everything is ready for cooking, cook burgers and sausages in batches. When each batch is done announce row by row for food (i.e. Row A come eat!). You should quickly get through the entire LAN hall with ease, and any food leftover can then be called out for seconds.


    Ensure the BBQ is in a safe area to cool down, it is not recommended you dump water over the fire as this will create a large plume of smoke (bad for lungs and fire alarms). Once cooled, you can dispose of the cold coals in the bin, and leave the BBQ to de-grease over night. If the BBQ isn't in a fit state once de-greasing is complete, make sure new committee are aware of its condition so they can prepare for next year.
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