LAN Parties

May 23, 2017
LAN Parties
  • For all information in regards to the organising/setup/running of LANs.

    Room Booking(top)

    Room booking is done usually around five to six months in advance, through Asking for specific dates helps and is usually specified as the end of the week 4, 7, and 10, spacing out for Freshers' LAN, November LAN and Christmas LAN. Second Semester LANs are usually booked for Valentine's Day weekend, and the weekend before the last week of term before the Easter break, though recently this has been reconsider due to conflicts with elections. Formal LAN is booked by the new chair after elections, for a weekend in May. Previously this was an early weekend, but UCAS Open Days, have more recently forced this towards later in May.

    Heating, Quiz Room Wall, Tables and Chairs Booking(top)

    The chair normally books the chairs and tables, as well as heating the week before the event, FM have also recommended we book to have the quiz room wall unlocked, as previously it was being moved without first unlocking it causing possible damage.. This email goes to, and usually asks for around 150 chairs, though this number is often not met. It is important to specifically ask for heating in both James France and D-block, otherwise sleeping rooms will collect icicles.

    Internet Booking(top)

    The Technical Officer and Vice Technical Officer are responsible for booking the Internet. For each LAN, there are three Ethernet ports, each patched for a gigabit connection, although we only use two. The ports are numbered 33, 34 and 36. To book, send an email to, requesting that they be patched for the required dates. They are also responsible for booking the projector box in advance of LAN in James France, this can be done by a email to fmhelp.

    Projector and PA Booking(top)

    The chair normally books the projector and PA a week before the event. In James France the email goes to and in other buildings a similar request can be made to book any equipment in the building for society use. It's recommended to meet with the guys or ask that they ensure the PA system is properly working before the event. A request can also be made for extra equipment, such as mics, HDMI and audio cables.


    Security need to be informed about LAN. While they will know about the event itself, it is good to let them know about the number of cars that'll be on campus over the weekend, including externals and the LAN Van. Doing so vastly improves the LAN Van driver's stress levels as they will just let the van through. This should be an email to, with date and time of the event. It is also good practise to call them at the end of the event after you leave the venue, so they know they can lock up. Security have more recently recommended that we go in to see them before the event, as that way they're reassured about the event over the weekend, you can also suggest that they wait until we ring them on Sunday to lock up, to prevent a security member nipping down too early.
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