LAN Power Diagrams

Oct 12, 2018
LAN Power Diagrams
  • This section contains all of the relevant diagrams needed for setting up and planning a LAN party.

    Seating Diagram(top)


    Power Diagram(top)

    lan40 power2.jpg

    Reel and Switch Positions(top)

    • We now pull power from the Fuel sockets to the top of C/D, after that pillar blowing for the 3rd time. The pillar is probably fine if the sockets are needed elsewhere, just be careful nothing dodgy is plugged in (Mike's laptop charger) and it's not overused (shiny Parvum PCs)



    IJ and Upstairs Diagram(top)

    lan40 power2.jpg

    Network Diagram (Old)(top)


    Network Diagram (New)(top)


    West Park Diagrams(top)

    West Park.jpg

    • An extra switch was added in room 1 for the second LAN
    • Although the diagram doesn't show it, room 3 is a fair bit smaller than room 2.
    • The 2nd picture was redone before the 2nd LAN in CW. They don't match.
    • Wider tables are the ones that were already in the room, they're not as deep (easier to see if you remove the top layer).
    • Mostly round tables in room 1, tables and chairs fixed to the floor (blocks of 2/4)
    • Files are Paint.NET files on the drive here, can download free, kind of like a lightweight/free Photoshop
    • D8-12 is written twice on room 2 (accident)
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