May 23, 2017
  • Note: Following a small crash with a parked car in a Kev's van, we have been heavily advised by the union to never book from them again, as will all other societies. This is following Kev's ignoring the union's offer to help in the situation, and withdrawing £1500 from the driver's account without first notifying him. We are now given a 'scum' contract by Kev's, with a huge excess in the event of any damage to the van.
    • The union van will now be hired, which is a long wheel base van that we normally would book from Kev's, The booking is ~£50, and before booking the driver must complete union minibus training. Training involves a classroom session and a test drive, and costs £20 to get certified.
    • Contact the EO or Alison to book training, sessions are done when there is a demand, so ensure it's booked well in advance of when it's needed.
    • LAN van pickups are normally grouped in "areas" of Loughborough. This is to make it much more time efficient however this will only work if members are available.
    • The van is booked for Thursday so the Booker's trip can be made that day.
    • Storage is usually done whenever there are enough committee members available for it and when is most convenient for the LAN Van timetable.

    Kev's details:
    • One word of warning - BE CAREFUL! The bumpers on the vans are really weak and so they scratch really easily if you touch a hedge. Also crashing should be avoided, but this is not always a practice that is observed. It also good practise not to open the side door when the van is filled.
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