Misc Assets

May 22, 2017
Misc Assets
  • This is all the information about the societies miscellaneous assets.

    Asset List(top)

    ItemQuantityIndividual ValueTotal ValueLocation
    Hi-Vis Jackets7£4£28Storage Cage
    LSUCS Pull up sign1£180£180Storage Cage
    Old LSUCS Banner (2ft by 8ft)1£84£84Storage Cage
    New LSUCS Banner (2ft by 5ft)1£38£38Storage Cage
    Tuck Shop1£80£80Storage Cage
    7ft Tesco Xmas Tree1£60£60Storage Cage
    St John Ambulance Standard Workplace Compliant Kit1£25£25Storage Cage

    Old LSUCS Banner(top)


    New LSUCS Banner(top)


    LSUCS Pull up Sign(top)

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