Network/Server Equipment

Jan 5, 2016
Network/Server Equipment
  • This is all the information about the societies' network/server assets.

    Networking asset List(top)

    Item Quantity Individual Value Total Value
    Cisco 3845 router 2 £4,000 £8,000
    Cisco 3560G-48TS 48 port GigabitSwitch 1 £2,000 £2,000
    Cisco 3508 Switch 2 £50 £100
    Cisco 3524 switch 13 £40 £520
    SC-SC Patch cables 2 £5 £10
    LC-SC Patch cables 2 £5 £10
    40 Meter SC-SC Fibre cable 8 £30 £240
    5m Ethernet Cables Orange 99 £2 £198
    10m Ethernet Cables grey 25 £3.20 £80
    RJ45 16 Patch panel 4 £25 £100
    16 port RJ45 Bridge adaptor 1 £20 £20
    Data - Bespoke Server Cabinet 1 £500 £500

    Networking Equipment(top)



    The Society owns two 3845s (bottom two 3U chassis' in above photo) which act are load balancing internet gateways as they run GLBP. These are the core of the network.


    The society currently owns 15 3524 switches (pile of switches on the right in the above photo) which act as an access layer. Two 3508's (top two chassis' in the above photo) and one 3560 (in-between 3508s and 3845s) provide a distribution layer between the access switches and the routers.


    For information on the societies physical and virtual servers see here.

    Server Cabinets(top)

    Flight Case (Cabinet)(top)

    The new flight case cabinet was purchased to replace the old cabinet (see below).

    Lt Commander Data (Cabinet)(top)

    Data was created by Miles in the Summer of 2010 with dremeling assistance from Ryan. Data is a converted wall mounted server cabinet fitted with castor wheels rated up to 75kg load.
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