Old Monday Night Gaming

May 22, 2017
Old Monday Night Gaming
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    Monday Night Gaming is a weekly event where LSUCS play games that they nominated and voted for.


    Members nominate a game of their choosing simply by posting in a thread found in the Gaming section of the Members forum.

    Vote a Game(top)

    The GO will post a vote of nominees each week (a few days before Monday). Which ever game scores the most votes will be played the following Monday. ketch (GO 2012/13) used the following format to build the vote each week:
    • 2nd most popular last week
    • current nominee not yet appeared in a vote
    • current nominee not yet appeared in a vote
    • current nominee not yet appeared in a vote
    After the current nominee list wore thin, he then used:
    • 2nd most popular last week
    • Current nominee (if none suitable then "appeared in a vote")
    • Appeared in a vote
    • Been played on MNG before

    List of Games played (March 2012 - Feb 2013)(top)

    Games played under ketch's reign. Ratings are based on how successful the MNG was. A rating should not be given if the event was canceled for reasons unrelated to the game.

    List of Games played (Feb 2013 - present)(top)

    DateGameForum ThreadRating
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