Past LAN Ideas and Freebees

Oct 1, 2017
Past LAN Ideas and Freebees
  • Past ideas/events
    • Laser tag - Good fun for some members however over half of the LAN never used the equipment. The general consensus is that this was not worth the money for future use.
    • Sumo Suits - Good fun but need good organisation to get people using them, was generally not worth the money
    • Barbecue - Every formal LAN. Works very well and is often seen as the freebie for the LAN
    • Cake - good for formal LAN but make sure to shop around for good options, Costco cakes got mixed reviews and the cream was 'off' by Saturday night, maybe give different cake options. Cake from the Wedding cake dude went down really well.
    • D block room usage - Bottom floor room works well for overflow for DMU, and has been used by Hack in the past, give the option to outside people of either D-block or JF. Other rooms can be difficult depending on how many attendees in each room due to power restrictions.
    • PA system moved upstairs - Far better sound coverage across the LAN however this means that the quiz needs to be done elsewhere.
    • New James France PA system - now far superior than our own, mic and system is hired from Teaching Facilities who ensure it's all working correctly, system links to the big screen allowing us to stream Twitch with volume for watching tournaments.
    • LAN van - pickups grouped to areas works well for time management. A taller van is easier for packing, and currently to do storage in one trip a large can is needed
    • Tournaments done as a set of games, where teams compete in both group games and individual games, with points tallied up in a league. This was quite popular, with a lot of participation, but issues arose from poor communication to participants and hence some not showing to the games on time. It is also recommended that gaming officers to not enter their own tournaments.
    • Quiz, board games and Magic the Gathering draft in the side room, because of this the room is no longer a sleeping room
    • Midnight werewolves now an expected event
    • Whistles given out with LAN freebie - Extremely noisy and annoyed a lot of the members!
    • Goodie bags have gone down well in the past - cost effective while having the ability to give people tons of stuff.
    • Achievements system for Freshers LAN - worked well at Freshers LAN 2011 however only a few members took it seriously in Freshers LAN 2012. However an overall good incentive for people to learn new things about the society.
    • T-shirt freebee gave a massive loss, could be used in the future but make sure to shop around and order the correct amount (there's a box of ~40 or so male L/XL leftover - such a waste!)
    • Costume competition - Worked very well at freshers LAN near Halloween, not so popular went repeated.
    • Creative tournaments and the Paint Competition, once again popular when done once in a while, cheap games (Rollercoaster Tycoon) favoured over those worth a little more (Kerbal Space Programme)
    • Subway platter and Sliced Pizza Buffet - both worked well when moderated by committee to ensure proper payment and fair use, worth running at a slight profit to ensure no losses. Sliced are happy to bring more food if we run out, and offered us pricing deals for bulk.
    • Frozen pizzas, tuck shop fruit - were both initially fine, however made losses overall. Pizzas didn't keep nicely in the fridge alone, and fruit would also turn into mush by the end of LAN, probably due to being situated near the radioactive hot dogs.
    • Printed LAN timetables - were pricey to have for the entire event, and often got left or thrown around. They were however extremely informative, and helped immensely in ensuring people were on time for tournaments. We recieved less complaints of being disorganised or not announcing things with them.
    Past Freebies:
    • LAN 24 - Free t-shirt
    • LAN 25 - Free freshers LAN
    • LAN 26 - USB wristbands
    • LAN 27 - Nerf Guns
    • LAN 28 - Easter eggs
    • LAN 29 - Formal LAN - Barbecue
    • LAN 30 - Free freshers LAN
    • LAN 31 - Selection box Christmas present
    • LAN 32 - Charity LAN (raised £800 for Childs Play) done in D block
    • LAN 33 - Party bags (with whistles!)
    • LAN 34 - Formal LAN - barbecue
    • LAN 35 - Free freshers LAN
    • LAN 36 - Goodie bags full of LAN related stuff
    • LAN 37 - Selection box and Santa hat
    • LAN 38 - Charity
    • LAN 39 - Easter
    • LAN 40 - Formal
    • LAN 41 - Free fresher's LAN
    • LAN 42 - USB keys (?)
    • LAN 43 - Christmas
    • LAN 44 - Charity LAN (raised £3550 for SpecialEffect and Action for Kids)
    • LAN 45 - Easter Eggs
    • LAN 46 - Formal LAN ft-shirt, cake and BBQ
    • LAN 47 - Free Fresher's LAN
    • LAN 48 - Chocolate bar and energy drink
    • LAN 49 - Selection boxes and Christmas cracker
    • LAN 50 - Charity LAN (raised £1,244 for Baby Don't Yurt Me) done in Clyde Williams
    • LAN 51 - Easter eggs done in Clyde Williams
    • LAN 52 - Formal LAN free BBQ, shit cake and sand animals
    • LAN 52.5 - Returner's free for members
    • LAN 53 - Free freshers LAN
    • LAN 54 - Goodie bag containing Pokemon figures, skull mug, small sand animal/flashing dinosaur and a solar panel panda/crab
    • LAN 55 - Selection box
    • LAN 56 - Charity LAN
    • LAN 57 - Easter eggs - West Park Teaching Hub LAN
    • LAN 58 - Formal - Free legit cake ($$$), and BBQ
    • LAN 58.5 - Free summer LAN for members
    • LAN 59 - Free fresher's LAN
    • LAN 60 - Goodie bag containing 2 Pokémon figurines, small bag of Haribo and a hot chocolate spoon stirrer.
    • LAN 61 - Choice of sweets (Either 1m of Jaffa Cakes or a large selection box; OR 2x the smaller Jelly Tots, Fruit Pastels, Orange Matchmakers, Mint Matchmakers or Freddo Faces).
    • LAN 62 - Charity LAN
    • LAN 63 - Easter eggs
    • LAN 64 - Free legit cake and BBQ
    • LAN 64.5 - Summer LAN
    • LAN 65 - Free freshers LAN
    This page should be kept live and updated every LAN so that we can continue good points and not repeat mistakes!
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