Power/Electronic Equipment

Oct 25, 2017
Power/Electronic Equipment
  • This is all the information about the societies' power/electronic equipment assets.

    Asset List(top)

    ItemQuantityIndividual ValueTotal ValueLocation
    Sanyo PLC-XW50 Projector1£200£200Storage Cage
    10m 2 Socket Extension Cable10£7£70Storage Cage
    Belkin Surge protector12£10£120Storage Cage
    45m 13A extension Cable reel3£50£150Storage Cage
    25m 13A extension Cable reel6£40£240Storage Cage
    Beskpoke 63A 1p Power distribution board1£150£150Storage Cage
    40 Meter SC-SC Fibre cable8£30£240Storage Cage
    1m 6 socket Extension cable46£9£414Storage Cage
    1m 4 socket Extension cables1£6£6Storage Cage
    Martin Dale Electric professional socket tester1£50£50Storage Cage
    Signature Stainless Steel Catering Urn1£70£70Storage Cage

    Other Electrical Equipment(top)

    Projector1£150Storage Cage
    Kompact 10 Portable Speaker1£125Storage Cage
    Kompact 10 Portable Speaker1£125Storage Cage
    Stand for Kompact Speaker2£25Storage Cage
    Bass Speaker1£100Storage Cage
    Computer Monitor1£100Storage Cage
    Henry Hoover1£90Storage Cage
    Microwave1£50Storage Cage
    Catering Urn1£70Storage Cage
    Fridge1£120Storage Cage
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