Waste Management

Nov 25, 2012
Waste Management
  • Facilities management are keen to help us with our LAN parties - if we make their jobs easier, they will make ours easier. If we can ensure that they know that they are entitled to free tea and coffee when they are here to do our cleaning it really helps the rapport and they don't mind working for us as much then.

    Notes on waste management for LANS:
    • The large blue bins / large black sack bin are for Cardboard only.
    • One blue bin should be labelled as pizza boxes and only pizza boxes should be put in there. The other two bins must be used for cardboard only and no other recyclables.
    • There is a skip down by where the LAN van always parks - this is for black bags of rubbish. While we dont need to do this, facilities management would really appreciate it - perhaps two volunteers to take at least some of the bags at the end of the LAN would be very useful.
    Because us being so helpful, facilities management are willing to help us too. The more we do, the more we get back. So here are the things that they will readily provide for us to help us on our endeavours:
    • More bins around the place - if we ask for specific amounts of bins + bags, they will give us them. They also have no problem emptying out the bags we put on the ends of rows etc because it helps them in the long run.
    • Extra bins for expansion - they are also ok with providing us with extra stuff for when we expand.
    • There is talk of them possibly providing us with recycling facilities too - part of the Union incentive thingy.
    Contact details - Contact Amy James a.james@lboro.ac.uk or waste@lboro.ac.uk. They can help us further and answer any questions we may have.
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